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Do you feel a ´YES´ to the call of your inner child for healing? And do you want to walk that path with the presence and guidance of Rick Jansen? Wonderful, I am glad to walk along with you. You can book a Single Session or a 3-Session Bundle here

Single Session


One two-hour Inner Child Guidance session

Explore the world of inner child healing through your first Inner Child Guidance session.


Available Online & In-Person

Experience has proven that online sessions can be just as effective as in-person sessions. Whether we live near or across the world from each other, my mission is to empower you to take charge of your own life by healing the wounded child within. 

130 EURO

3-Session Bundle


Three two-hour Inner Child Guidance sessions

Take the time and space for a deep healing process with a commitment of three sessions.


Discounted rate for deep divers

You will receive a 45 EURO discount (15 per session) for every 3-Session Bundle you book.

390 EURO 345 EURO

Ready to take a next step into healing and befriending your inner child? Learn more about Inner Child Therapy and the free 30-minute discovery session here. 

 What Other People Are Saying About Inner Child Guidance

When I read those words I feel joy and gratitude. It makes me realize that the gift I once received through regression therapy is what I am passing on now. You are all beautiful human beings and deserve to have the best possible relationships with your inner children.

It is as if my heart opened up and I can feel it more again. In some difficult triggering situations with persons, I felt more compassionate and could react in a more loving way. Through your calm, patient and natural nature I felt cared for, protected and guided throughout the whole process.

— Tina from Germany after an Inner Child Guidance Session

I am a therapist and spiritual coach and had many sessions over the years. However I was incredibly impressed when I had a regression session and inner child healing with Rick. It cleared all my blocked energy that had been affecting me in my daily life and was a profound experience. If you have an opportunity to work with Rick, take it. He´s a natural.

— Triona from England after an Inner Child Guidance session

Working with Rick was characterized by his way of deep listening and his loving and very respectful presence. I felt completely safe during the journey with him. I appreciated very much that he encourages in self-responsibility during and after the work with him. So when i felt stuck at some point Rick helped me to connect to my own wisdom and supported me by asking the right questions. Thanks a lot Rick, it was great working with you.

— Simon from Germany after an online Inner Child Guidance session

Rick, I am grateful that we met and worked together. You are talented. The sessions were relaxed, intensive and sometimes fun. By literally pushing me towards the physical pain and frustration towards my father I am convinced that I am a big step further again in my process.

— Remko from the Netherlands after several Inner Child Guidance sessions

I am touched by this therapy and the way you guide it. You are present and close. I feel your attunement to me and to that what wants to happen. That gives me a feeling of trust and safety. 

— Laura from the Netherlands after several Inner Child Guidance & Past Life Regression sessions

Rick is a wonderful human being with a strong charisma that I have felt since we first met. It was hard for me in my whole life to be vulnerable with people. I felt lonely and misunderstood. Rick helped me to heal my mind and soul. I am very grateful. He is a natural.

Viktoria from Hungary after an Inner Child Guidance session

Rick helped me with fundamental mental-emotional problems. This gave my life a strong push in the right direction. Without Rick and this therapy I would not have been where I am now. 

— Benjamin from the Netherlands after several Inner Child Guidance & Past Life Regression sessions

Rick’s presence is very calm, loving and humble. You can feel he has done the work and that he wants to share it to help others. I really enjoyed this morning together with everyone. It was a very safe and beautiful space. Thank you!

Carol from England after a Regression Therapy workshop

Something essential has changed for me. The day after the session I woke up with a lot of peace and balance in my body. You have a calming presence that helped me to open up in vulnerability.

— Nowelle from the Netherlands after an Inner Child Guidance session

It would be an honor to have you on this beautiful wall, too.

It’s very easy to get started: book a free 30-minute discovery session and find out if this is the path for you.