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What is the inner child?

The inner child is that part inside of us that longs the most for our loving attention and care. It is our soft spot, the place where our deepest insecurities and fears are. Just as our deepest longings, hand in hand with our biggest joys and ´cracking-the-heart-wide-open´ love.

Remember the unconditional bright loving eyes of a 2-year old staring in wonder at you? That quality is still inside each of us, waiting to be re-discovered.

More technically spoken the inner child exists as the childlike aspect within your unconscious mind. As a ´subpersonality´ formed by the accumulation of our childhood hurts, traumas, fears and angers. This covers over that naturalness of the 2-year old. There is a natural childlike innocence, enthusiasm and creativity that will get more space when we are able to be in acceptance with our childhood pains.

Now, let´s take a breath here.
And acknowledge your wounded inner child.
We all have one, to some degree or another.

The inner child is always present in the here and now. In some of our feelings, reactions and in the ways we respond to challenges. You can imagine the impact of a hurt four-year old driving the car of your life. In some aspects we might recognize this in ourselves and in others.

And that´s ok. It is an inevitable result of growing up in our challenging world today.

To be here now, is an invitation to do the important healing work with the inner child. We can become the lion taking care of our cub. Empowering ourselves to be at the stearing wheel of our lives, with the inner child and the guiding intelligence of life herself as our allies.

How to recognize if you have a wounded inner child?

How do you know if your past is affecting you deeply right now? Is it connected to your inner child? Maybe you feel some sensations or emotions coming up, while you read this. Just know, that we all recognize these challenges in one way or another.

These are some signs that you may have a wounded inner child,
who is in need of your healing care and attention:

No belief in your self

You feel that there is something wrong with you, in the deepest parts of yourself. This prevents you from just ´being yourself´ with others and doing the things you love.

Big inner critic

You constantly criticize yourself for your supposed inadequacy. And it is so convincing that you belief it. While it might just be the repetitive voice of one of your parents or teachers.

Difficulty in relationships

It is hard for you to create, nourish and sustain healthy friendships or a love relationship. You might feel a fear to be abandoned or perhaps you feel unworthy of a deep connection.

Shame to express emotions

You´re unable to express strong emotions such as sadness or anger. Deep down you are afraid that those emotions are not welcome and will be judged.

Lack of a strong sense of identity

It is difficult for you to express your opinions and values. It is a real challenge to stand up for yourself and feel your center.

Tendency to isolate

You feel fearful or uncomfortable around other people or social places, so you tend to avoid those situations. While you actually might benefit from being with others.

There are many more signs that your inner child may be wounded. To recognize some of those signs is a gift to yourself and to your inner child. It is an opportunity for you to heal and grow. When you reach out with love and compassion to your wounded child, old stories can be transformed and true change becomes possible.

Just like Wayne, you can start to understand your destructive patterns more deeply and overcome them through inner child healing.

My objective was to overcome my lifelong fears and anger concerning women. After a few of Rick’s sessions I found that I had renewed my relationship to my late mother, grandmother and other women in my life to be one of love. I understand now how my inner child decided to adopt coping behaviors which turned out later in life to be destructive.

Wayne Mcknight

Canadian, choreographer and theatre-director

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What is inner child healing and how can it help you?

The fundamental principle of Regression Therapy is to find and transform the source of a present challenge in unresolved experiences from the past. During childhood we may experience trauma – an aspect of life that is deeply painful and sometimes quite unbearable. In such moments the psyche has various ways to protect and help the child survive. We return to the source of the trauma to allow a reunion with the frozen aspects of the psyche. 

Through a process of embracing the emotions, gaining deeper understanding, shifting perspectives and releasing the charged memories transformation happens. The work is done on a somatic, psychological and spiritual level. Old negative beliefs are being replaced by life-affirming ones. Your vital life energy unblocks and finds its natural way again. Your natural well-being restores itself. This leads to an empowering shift in your day-to-day life.

Embarking on an inner child healing journey can help you in a myriad of ways, including:

Transforming repressed memories that are holding you back

Gaining personal power and the ability to set boundaries

Feeling self-compassion and liking yourself more

Being able to enjoy life and have fun again

Feeling empowered and confident to take a next positive step

Learning how to take better care of yourself

Becoming able to feel and express your emotions

Experience a loving relationship with your inner child and turn your past pain into a life-enhancing gift, like Lucy.

Not only has my relationship with my inner child become loving and supportive but my perception of my whole life has completely changed. I now fully understand how my suffering was to help me to express my soul blueprint of being in service to humanity. I’m very grateful for our sessions together and I highly recommend Rick.

Lucy Joy Jordan

British, intuitive artist

Booking your free 30-minute discovery session is easy:


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Use the calendar to pick a time and date that suits you.


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How does an Inner Child Regression Therapy session work?

In our Inner Child Regression Therapy session we create a safe healing space where you are able to touch in deeply with yourself. It is a natural process guided by the intelligence of your own body, mind and soul. Here is how the process works.

1. Intake

If this is the first time we meet, we will talk about your objectives and I will explain the regression process. If we worked before, we will chat about the progress you are experiencing in your day-to-day life.

2. Deep relaxation into light-trance

You are being guided in a deep relaxation or are being asked to focus on an emotion or sensation in your body. This leads to a light trance or hypnotic state, comparable to meditative states or a day-dreaming state. You are more deeply connected to your inner world, while you remain aware of all that is happening. It is like having a double awareness.

3. Connection to subconscious mind and body's wisdom

This deepened awareness connects you to your subconscious mind and your body’s wisdom. All memories are stored here.

4. Visiting relevant past events

This inner wisdom guides you through the session and will lead you back to specific past events that require your healing attention.

5. Exploration

Once you enter a past event I start guiding and navigating you through your experience. We are in dialogue, where you share what happens in your inner world and where I ask you open questions to deepen your process. We explore together what is happening with the goal to find the keys to healing and transformation.

6. Healing

The past situation is established and clear. Now it is time to release charged emotions and to allow the body to unblock frozen energy. We create a safe space to do this, where you are always in charge of the process.

7. Transformation

Emotions are released and the natural energy of the body starts flowing again. We give all attention to the inner child and listen to what he or she needs. We make sure that the child feels understood, while gently we invite a bigger perspective. An understanding comes how certain limiting beliefs and behaviours have been formed, with now the knowing that there are new more life-affirming ways. 

8. Integration

The key to making the effects lasting is a proper integration, where we weave possibly loose ends together. We reflect on the session, listen to insights bubbling up, converse with involved characters, look into ways to integrate the healing in your day to day life, and stabilize your energy field. After an affirming sneak peek into the future, where you see and feel the change enhancing your life, you are brought back into the here and now. Feeling refreshed, with new understandings and with a weight fallen of your shoulders.

In every adult there lurks an eternal child, something that is always becoming, is never completed and calls for unceasing care, attention and education. That is the part of the human personality which wants to develop and become whole.

– Carl Gustav Jung –

I have been blessed to accompany dozens of inner children on their journey towards wholeness.

If you’ve made it this far, here’s what other people like you have to say about the inner child healing work we’ve done together.

It is as if my heart opened up and I can feel it more again. In some difficult triggering situations with persons, I felt more compassionate and could react in a more loving way. Through your calm, patient and natural nature I felt cared for, protected and guided throughout the whole process.

— Tina from Germany after an Inner Child Guidance Session

I am a therapist and spiritual coach and had many sessions over the years. However I was incredibly impressed when I had a regression session and inner child healing with Rick. It cleared all my blocked energy that had been affecting me in my daily life and was a profound experience. If you have an opportunity to work with Rick, take it. He´s a natural.

— Triona from England after an Inner Child Guidance session

Working with Rick was characterized by his way of deep listening and his loving and very respectful presence. I felt completely safe during the journey with him. I appreciated very much that he encourages in self-responsibility during and after the work with him. So when i felt stuck at some point Rick helped me to connect to my own wisdom and supported me by asking the right questions. Thanks a lot Rick, it was great working with you.

— Simon from Germany after an online Inner Child Guidance session

Rick, I am grateful that we met and worked together. You are talented. The sessions were relaxed, intensive and sometimes fun. By literally pushing me towards the physical pain and frustration towards my father I am convinced that I am a big step further again in my process.

— Remko from the Netherlands after several Inner Child Guidance sessions

I am touched by this therapy and the way you guide it. You are present and close. I feel your attunement to me and to that what wants to happen. That gives me a feeling of trust and safety. 

— Laura from the Netherlands after several Inner Child Guidance & Past Life Regression sessions

Rick is a wonderful human being with a strong charisma that I have felt since we first met. It was hard for me in my whole life to be vulnerable with people. I felt lonely and misunderstood. Rick helped me to heal my mind and soul. I am very grateful. He is a natural.

Viktoria from Hungary after an Inner Child Guidance session

Rick helped me with fundamental mental-emotional problems. This gave my life a strong push in the right direction. Without Rick and this therapy I would not have been where I am now. 

— Benjamin from the Netherlands after several Inner Child Guidance & Past Life Regression sessions

Rick’s presence is very calm, loving and humble. You can feel he has done the work and that he wants to share it to help others. I really enjoyed this morning together with everyone. It was a very safe and beautiful space. Thank you!

Carol from England after a Regression Therapy workshop

Something essential has changed for me. The day after the session I woke up with a lot of peace and balance in my body. You have a calming presence that helped me to open up in vulnerability.

— Nowelle from the Netherlands after an Inner Child Guidance session

Booking your free 30-minute discovery session is easy:


Click on the button that follows.


Use the calendar to pick a time and date that suits you.


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Your Investment

Do you feel a ´YES´ to the call of your inner child for healing? And do you want to walk that path with the presence and guidance of Rick Jansen? Wonderful, I am glad to walk along with you. You can book a Single Session or a 3-Session Bundle here

Single Session


One two-hour Inner Child Guidance sessions

Explore the world of inner child healing through your first Inner Child Guidance session.


Available Online & In-Person

Experience has proven that online sessions can be just as effective as in-person sessions. Whether we live near or across the world from each other, my mission is to empower you to take charge of your own life by healing the wounded child within. 

130 EUR

3-Session Bundle


Three two-hour Inner Child Guidance sessions

Take the time and space for a deep healing process with a commitment of three sessions.


Discounted rate for deep divers

You will receive a 45 EUR discount (15 per session) for every 3-Session Bundle you book.

390 EUR 345 EUR

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there questions on your mind? I answer the most common ones here.
Feel free to fill in the form below with any unanswered burning questions.

What can Inner Child Regression Therapy help me with?

Inner Child Regression Therapy can help you with a broad amount of physical, mental and emotional challenges, like:

– questions of meaning and direction
– reoccurring problems at work or school 
– family or relational issues 
– processing of traumatic experiences 
– insecurity
– obsessive thoughts 
– repeated distressing dreams
– feelings of guilt
– unexplainable pains, tensions or numbness
– feeling detached and isolated from other people 
– depression
– feelings of loneliness, failure or aimlessness

How many sessions do I need to experience positive change?

Often one session can already provide a tangible shift. But most people experience a meaningful and tangible change after two to three sessions. In our discovery chat we can discuss the nature of your goals and asses the amount of sessions needed.

Do you use hypnosis and what is it?

Most of the time I will guide you into direct contact with your body sensations, to allow your body to tell her story. At other times I choose to use a more traditional hypnotic induction. Both pathways bring you in the same state of consciousness, which is a ´hypnotic trance´ state.

What is this hypnotic state? There are quite some misconceptions about it. Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness in which you become inwardly focused and open to subconscious memories and transpersonal experiences. It is a state you enter daily. In example when you are daydreaming, when you are absorbed in a book or when you stare out of the window. Your analytical thinking brain is relaxed and allows your subconscious mind, the highly creative and receptive part of you to be open to new ideas and experiences.

The subconscious mind holds all your beliefs about yourself and your life. It colors our perception and ways of acting. This is why healing and transformation within the subconscious mind (in combination with restoring the body´s nervous system) is so potent.

And yes, hypnosis is completely safe. You will stay in control. It is like you are having a double awareness. You are aware of your inner world and of the unfoldment of experiences in your outer world.

What is the difference between online therapy and in-person therapy?

Since covid-19 started in march 2020 I worked mostly online with people. This experience has shown that the results and depth of the work is very similar as in-person sessions. Ultimately, you are doing your own healing work by turning within. It is an inner journey, where I am guiding you with open and non-directive questions. The process is the same for an online session or an in-person session. All the ingredients you need are a strong motivation to heal and a stable internet connection free of distraction from family and pets.

Though of course, working in-person adds another dimension of human presence. So if you prefer to work this way and we are in the same area (Barcelona, Spain), I´d love to work in person with you too.

Are you open for collaborations? (it is my wish that this becomes a Frequently Asked Question)

The work of an one-to-one therapist can be quite individual and solitary. I feel strongly my intention to collaborate with professionals and gifted people coming from different backgrounds. Perhaps we can create a workshop together, organize a retreat or exchange skills and knowledge. So, if you feel called… do get in touch with me!

To those of you, that read and browsed all, I am ready to expose myself a bit more.

Here I am. As a young, innocent, playful child. Spontaneous and completely present in the moment. I can imagine his dreams, fantasies and wonders of day to day life. 

At the age of 6 this boy had a traumatic experience. Turning his inner life and with it, his outer life, upside down. Seventeen years later I retrieved that repressed memory through regression therapy. It provided me with relief, clarity and a growing understanding about who I am, how I function and how I can take care of myself.

Regression Therapy has helped me to see past pain as an opportunity for growth and healing. And it has deepened my commitment to the inner child. 

You are perhaps just as commited. I humbly walk along with you for some steps. Offering my presence and my tool-kit for you to live a happier and more empowered life. In alignment with your healthy and joyful inner child.

I´d love to hear your story and discover together if Inner child Regression Therapy is the path for you. Let´s meet and talk.

With a high five from my inner child to yours,

Rick Jansen – Founder of Inner Child Guidance
Certified Regression Therapist