Welcome to Inner Child Guidance!

Inner Child Guidance is the umbrella under which I, Rick, present my offerings for personal healing, insight and transformation. The main modality I use to support you is regression therapy, since that has been my main training and it has proven to be highly effective in working with the inner child. Though my journey of learning and expanding continues too, so I love to add new tools and understandings which contributes to the evolution of my work. Healing and building a sustainable, nourishing relationship with the precious inner child is the main focus of my practice. But it is not the only one.

Past Life Experiences
I always go with that what emerges from within you. At times you might experience a story that resembles a past life experience. Working with past lives is part of regression therapy too and can be an essential element of your healing.

The understanding of our consciousness being a continuity carrying many experiences from this life and beyond is growing. From this perspective it is logical that a traumatic event in a different life can strongly influence the experience in this life. Though it is not necessary to take this approach. If you’d prefer to see it mainly as a creative way of your psyche to bring forth transformation and insights, that is totally fine. Either way, what counts are the positive changes you can experience through a past life regression.

Hello friend! My name is Rick Jansen and I am very happy you are exploring the possibilities to be ´more of who you truly are´. As you can imagine… I started exploring meditation and healing out of my own need. Perhaps just like you.

After my university education in Theatre, Film and TV I actually received my dream job working for Dutch national television shows as a journalist. I thought ‘this is it!’. But quite quickly I started feeling unfulfilled and empty. Questions about life, purpose, happiness and ‘who am I, really?’ started to hit me. I decided to leave the job and travel to Nepal. This step turned my life 360 degrees around.

I had a deep dive into Tibetan Buddhism, meditation and explored different healing modalities. It was actually a book that I found in the big bookstore in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, that moved me to study Regression Therapy. I had experienced the profound effects of it myself, through a year long of deep work with a gifted therapist in the Netherlands. This work made me realize I carried some deep childhood wounds that I was oblivious of. I remember I was stunned and surprised by the depth of regression work. But I never thought I would be a regression therapist myself, I am still learning that life takes unexpected turns.

In 2017 and 2018 I trained with the Regression Academy founded by Andy Tomlinson. Since 2019 I am working professionally. 

What I hear back from the people I work with is that they feel my attunement to them and to the moment. A natural safe space is being experienced, where emotions and vulnerabilities are welcome. I work intuitively and often the experience of a session is expressed along those lines:

“When you asked that question, it was like a key that unlocked a door, into new depths where I needed to go for healing.”

I am like a detective with you on your inner journey, finding the right key, to offer it to you as the ´right´ question, as a catalyst for your healing and transformation. It is a beautiful and exciting process. It would be an honour and joy to be a guide for some steps along your path.

With care,

Rick Jansen – Founder of Inner Child Guidance
Certified Regression Therapist

Rick is great at getting to the core of the issue making you confront memories that were too painful and repressed in a gentle understanding way. It is thanks to his guidance that I was able to see the past in a more understanding light, beyond the shame and guilt that I felt before.

I initially wanted therapy to get motivated and overcome my procrastination. I got so much more than what I came for.

My relationship with my family has improved. I recognise my boundaries more. And instead of feeling guilty about not fulfilling my dream, I am naturally taking a more gentle approach from my inner child´s perspective.

I will be doing more online sessions in the future and recommend anyone who is confused about certain aspects of their life to do this therapy.

Wajid Nazir

British Pakistani, writer

Ready to take a next step into healing and befriending your inner child? Learn more about Inner Child Therapy and the free 30-minute discovery session here. 

How does an Inner Child Regression Therapy session work?

In our Inner Child Regression Therapy session we create a safe healing space where you are able to touch in deeply with yourself. It is a natural process guided by the intelligence of your own body, mind and soul. Here is how the process works.

1. Intake

If this is the first time we meet, we will talk about your objectives and I will explain the regression process. If we worked before, we will chat about the progress you are experiencing in your day-to-day life.

2. Deep relaxation into light-trance

You are being guided in a deep relaxation or are being asked to focus on an emotion or sensation in your body. This leads to a light trance or hypnotic state, comparable to meditative states or a day-dreaming state. You are more deeply connected to your inner world, while you remain aware of all that is happening. It is like having a double awareness.

3. Connection to subconscious mind and body's wisdom

This deepened awareness connects you to your subconscious mind and your body’s wisdom. All memories are stored here.

4. Visiting relevant past events

This inner wisdom guides you through the session and will lead you back to specific past events that require your healing attention.

5. Exploration

Once you enter a past event I start guiding and navigating you through your experience. We are in dialogue, where you share what happens in your inner world and where I ask you open questions to deepen your process. We explore together what is happening with the goal to find the keys to healing and transformation.

6. Healing

The past situation is established and clear. Now it is time to release charged emotions and to allow the body to unblock frozen energy. We create a safe space to do this, where you are always in charge of the process.

7. Transformation

Emotions are released and the natural energy of the body starts flowing again. We give all attention to the inner child and listen to what he or she needs. We make sure that the child feels understood, while gently we invite a bigger perspective. An understanding comes how certain limiting beliefs and behaviours have been formed, with now the knowing that there are new more life-affirming ways.
(see the example below)

8. Integration

The key to making the effects lasting is a proper integration, where we weave possibly loose ends together. We reflect on the session, listen to insights bubbling up, converse with involved characters, look into ways to integrate the healing in your day to day life, and stabilize your energy field. After an affirming sneak peek into the future, where you see and feel the change enhancing your life, you are brought back into the here and now. Feeling refreshed, with new understandings and with a weight fallen of your shoulders.

An example of inner child healing

This example shows how a seemingly normal everyday event in childhood can become a trauma, hugely affecting someone´s life after the time of being a child. Luckily, with the appropriate inner child work this can be healed and life can be lived again with a new sense of freedom. 

A child gets scolded and hit on her head for not finishing her meal. She is simply full and doesn´t want to eat anymore. She starts to form the belief that whenever she sets boundaries or expresses her opinion she will get punished. Unconsciously, she decides to become passive and obedient, suppressing her own life energy and authenticity. This experience gets repeated in different ways during childhood and teenage years.

At the age of 35 she seeks help from a regression therapist, because she feels herself lacking a sense of identity. She regresses back to this event at the dining table. After some therapy work she sees and understands that her father punished her because he felt powerless himself. In a flash, she sees that the same happened to her father, when he was a child. It is much less personal than she thought.

This brings deep understanding and compassion. At the depths of her subconscious mind she understands now that she can let go of her limiting beliefs. For the first time in years, the woman feels empowered to set her boundaries and speak her truths, without fear. 


Inner Child Guidance Supports Next Generation Nepal

A percentage of all payments for sessions, workshops and online programs will be donated to Next Generation Nepal, an NGO that reconnects trafficked Nepali children with their families. At a young age they are taken from rural villages and many of them end up in illegal orphanages and homes. Often, they are found on the brink of starvation and in terrible conditions. With child trafficking still being a major problem in Nepal, they need our support more than ever.

Rick has been involved with them during his travels in Nepal and witnessed their big efforts and credibility. Your investment for personal healing will ripple out to those children in need in Nepal. Find out more about NGN here.

Ready to take a next step into healing and befriending your inner child? Learn more about Inner Child Therapy and the free 30-minute discovery session here.