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Do you feel a deep hunger to discover and embody your life´s purpose? Are you longing for a fulfilling career? Are you wanting to make a true difference and live from your soul´s passion? You just found a unique and powerful proces that can give you all of that!

These evolutionary times are calling us to discover our unique calling and mytho-poetic identity, so that we can truly claim our indigenous place and offer our gifts in service to our precious Earth and all of life.



Imagine your are sitting in your sacred sit-circle in wild nature. Several months you have prepared for this Soul Quest weekend. You are fasting and praying to receive nature´s (and your soul´s) vision for your life. There is a unique line carved inside your heart, that longs to be discovered. You cry, you pray, you feel hungry and the longing comes from your bones by now, and then… 

Nature responds. Something happens. You suddenly receive a deep insight, a vision, you know, this is it. This is your soul now communicating with you. Finally… there is a true direction for your life. If you follow through and nurture it, this moment can change your life forever. You have the opportunity to transition your life from default habitual mode to a soul-infused life of service and joy. 

It sounds almost too good to be true. But friends, we all carry a deeper purpose inside our hearts. And it truly is waiting to be discovered. Your life can be so much more fulfilling, joyous and purposeful than it is now. 

I have experienced this magical moment of soul-encounter myself during my Soul Quest in the mountains in North Spain. It did change the trajectory of my life and I am following through now, to make that transition from a life that is not my own towards a life that is totally indigenous to me. 

After Quest I decided to become a Purpose Guide with Purpose Guides Institute. It is part of my calling to guide, perhaps you, into the deep dark mysteries of soul. In those depths you can find your own true calling and destiny in this life. We so need you in those evolutionary times for the healing and regenaration of our precious Earth. 

Thank you for considering taking this journey with me. I would be humbled to be a guide to ´track soul´ together into the depths of your true purpose.  


Rick Jansen
Founder Soul Track – Nature-Based Purpose Guiding 
Certified Purpose Guide with Purpose Guides Institute
Certified Regression Therapist with Regression Academy



Purpose Discovery & Inner Transformation

The website is in a make over. I continue to offer Inner Child Regression Therapy while I am adding my Purpose Guiding work to the website. Apologies for any confusion. By clicking on the buttons below you can find the right information for you.

What is Inner Child Regression Therapy

The fundamental principle of Regression Therapy is to find and transform the source of a present challenge in unresolved experiences from the past. During childhood we may experience trauma – an aspect of life that is deeply painful and sometimes quite unbearable. In such moments the psyche has various ways to protect and help the child survive. We return to the source of the trauma to allow a reunion with the frozen aspects of the psyche. 

Through a process of embracing the emotions, gaining deeper understanding, shifting perspectives and releasing the charged memories transformation happens. The work is done on a somatic, psychological and spiritual level. Old negative beliefs are being replaced by life-affirming ones. Your vital life energy unblocks and finds its natural way again. Your natural well-being restores itself. This leads to an empowering shift in your day-to-day life.

Most of the time you will find the source of trauma in your early childhood days, but at times the root goes all the way back to a ´story´ that resembles a past life. We can work with both the inner child and the past life experience.

Ready to take a next step into healing and befriending your inner child? Learn more about Inner Child Therapy and the free 30-minute discovery session here. 

Rick was gentle and kind, very tuned into me and to himself in a way which helped me to open up to the experience. He seemed to know exactly which questions to ask me in order to deepen and explore my past. He gave me the time I needed to process each level. My objective was to overcome my lifelong fears and anger concerning women.

After a few of Rick’s sessions I found that I had renewed my relationship to my late mother, grandmother and other women in my life to be one of love. I understand now how my inner child decided to adopt coping behaviors which turned out later in life to be destructive.

I am so pleased at the result, feeling really free to enjoy and respect women now. Something horrible has fallen away from me.The online experience was surprisingly good. I feel extremely lucky.

Wayne McKnight

Canadian, theatre director and choreographer

You can talk directly to the child with the language of love, saying, “In the past, I left you alone. I went away from you. Now, I am very sorry. I am going to embrace you.” You can say, “Darling, I am here for you. I will take good care of you.

– Thich Nhat Hanh –

The benefits of befriending your inner child

By befriending your inner child you acknowledge an important aspect of yourself. Yes, there are hurts and pains with our inner child. But there are as well very important resources to be re-awakened. Through the meditation you can start experiencing those benefits. When the friendship with your ´little one´ is being nourished, day by day, those positive seeds will grow in beautiful, stable flowers enriching your life.


You develop a capacity for self-understanding and self-love. You start to understand more what you need in any given moment and are willing to give that to yourself. As a parent to a child.

Ability to respond constructively

You will notice more quickly when a reaction of your inner child comes up. Before acting it out, you can pause and choose for a more constructive response.

Joy and fun!

You learn what the child inside enjoys. This way you can invite those experiences into your life, so that this part of you gets nourished. Maybe you rediscover your love for dancing, horse riding or climbing in trees. 

Discovery of the old hurts that are holding you back

Eventually the inner child will share with you the old pains that have caused self-limiting beliefs and behaviours. Recognizing and embracing those old pains are key to healing. A personal session supports you in this process.

Personal power and setting boundaries

It is empowering to learn about the hurts and joys of your inner child. You start to sense your inner world more and this helps you to set boundaries coming from self-respect. 


Aliveness, creativity and new perspectives

Imagine a super alive, intelligent and authentic child ´locked up´ inside. Healing and freeing this child means that those positive resources become available to you. 

I have had three online sessions with Rick and I find him to be a very sensitive and caring therapist. He’s very intuitive yet steady, I always felt warmly supported and cared for during our sessions.

His wonderful hands-off approach has helped me discover my own inner guidance. Trusting Rick absolutely I allowed him to guide me to discovering what my greatest inner child wound was. Through his highly intuitive prompts I experienced the most incredible healing and resolution for some primary wounding.

Not only has my relationship with my inner child become loving and supportive but my perception of my whole life has completely changed. I now fully understand how my suffering was to help me to express my soul blueprint of being in service to humanity. I’m very grateful for our sessions together and I highly recommend him. 

Lucy Joy Jordan

British, intuitive artist

Ready to take a next step into healing and befriending your inner child? Learn more about Inner Child Therapy and the free 30-minute discovery session here. 

Learn more about Inner Child Guidance

Learn more about Rick, the charities we support through our work, and the methodology we use here at Inner Child Guidance to help you connect and heal with your inner child within.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there questions on your mind? I answer the most common ones here.
Feel free to fill in the form below with any unanswered burning questions.

What can Inner Child Regression Therapy help me with?

Inner Child Regression Therapy can help you with a broad amount of physical, mental and emotional challenges, like:

– questions of meaning and direction
– reoccurring problems at work or school 
– family or relational issues 
– processing of traumatic experiences 
– insecurity
– obsessive thoughts 
– repeated distressing dreams
– feelings of guilt
– unexplainable pains, tensions or numbness
– feeling detached and isolated from other people 
– depression
– feelings of loneliness, failure or aimlessness

How many sessions do I need to experience positive change?

Often one session can already provide a tangible shift. But most people experience a meaningful and tangible change after two to three sessions. In our discovery chat we can discuss the nature of your goals and asses the amount of sessions needed.

Do you use hypnosis and what is it?

Most of the time I will guide you into direct contact with your body sensations, to allow your body to tell her story. At other times I choose to use a more traditional hypnotic induction. Both pathways bring you in the same state of consciousness, which is a ´hypnotic trance´ state.

What is this hypnotic state? There are quite some misconceptions about it. Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness in which you become inwardly focused and open to subconscious memories and transpersonal experiences. It is a state you enter daily. In example when you are daydreaming, when you are absorbed in a book or when you stare out of the window. Your analytical thinking brain is relaxed and allows your subconscious mind, the highly creative and receptive part of you to be open to new ideas and experiences.

The subconscious mind holds all your beliefs about yourself and your life. It colors our perception and ways of acting. This is why healing and transformation within the subconscious mind (in combination with restoring the body´s nervous system) is so potent.

And yes, hypnosis is completely safe. You will stay in control. It is like you are having a double awareness. You are aware of your inner world and of the unfoldment of experiences in your outer world.

What is the difference between online therapy and in-person therapy?

Since covid-19 started in march 2020 I worked mostly online with people. This experience has shown that the results and depth of the work is very similar as in-person sessions. Ultimately, you are doing your own healing work by turning within. It is an inner journey, where I am guiding you with open and non-directive questions. The process is the same for an online session or an in-person session. All the ingredients you need are a strong motivation to heal and a stable internet connection free of distraction from family and pets.

Though of course, working in-person adds another dimension of human presence. So if you prefer to work this way and we are in the same area, I´d love to work in person with you too.

Are you open for collaborations? (it is my wish that this becomes a Frequently Asked Question)

The work of an one-to-one therapist can be quite individual and solitary. I feel strongly my intention to collaborate with professionals and gifted people coming from different backgrounds. Perhaps we can create a workshop together, organize a retreat or exchange skills and knowledge. So, if you feel called… do get in touch with me!

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